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APAM Awards


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Ace-Saginaw Paving Company is the proud recipient of the following Asphalt Paving Association of Michigan (APAM) Awards:

  • 2015 Award of Merit for Bishop International Airport Runway 18-36 Rehabilitation
  • 2014 Award of Excellence for I-75 from Oakland County line to I-475 in Genesee County
  • 2014 Award of Excellence for Fred W. Moore Highway from Mayer Road to Allington Road in St. Clair County
  • 2014 Award of Excellence for Richfield Road from Irish Road to Victoria Station in Genesee County
  • 2014 Award of Merit for M-15 from US-24 to Wolfe Road in Oakland County
  • 2013 Award of Excellence for M-25 in Tuscola County
  • 2013 Award of Merit for Bristol Road in Genesee County
  • 2012 Award of Merit for Saginaw Street in the City of Grand Blanc
  • 2011 Award of Merit for Macomb Orchard Trail in Macomb County
  • 2010 Award of Merit for Palms Road Reconstruction in St. Clair County
  • 2010 Award of Excellence for M-20 Rehabilitation in Midland County
  • 2010 Award of Excellence for Runway 18-36 Rehabilitation in Huron County
  • 2009 Award of Excellence for Center Road Rehabilitation in the City of Burton
  • 2008 Award of Merit for Clarkston Road and Sashabaw Road Reconstruction in Oakland County
  • 2008 Award of Excellence for Miller Road Reconstruction in Genesee County
  • 2007 Award of Excellence for Williamsburg Farms Subdivision Reconstruction in Genesee County
  • 2004 Award of Excellence for M25, Harbor Branch Rehabilitation in Huron County
  • 2003 Award of Merit for The City of Auburn Hills Street Reconstruction Program


The APAM awards are rated by judges on a scale of 1-10 for the following criteria:

  • Appearance:
    includes overall neatness, no overspray or left-over materials
  • Ride:
    must be smooth
  • Texture Uniformity:
    free of segregation, major surface grinding, roller markings, etc.
  • Longitudinal and Traverse Joints:
    straight, well-blended, smooth and uniform
  • Edges:
    straight, uniform, true to the contour of the road
  • Approaches:
    blended well with the mainline pavement
  • Utility Covers:
    flush with the pavement
  • Degree of Difficulty:
    includes exceptional circumstances, maintenance of traffic, night paving, etc.


In addition to the APAM awards outlined above, Ace-Saginaw Paving Company was the proud recipient of the 2012 American Public Works Association (APWA) Project of The Year Award for the reconstruction of East Flint Street in the City of Davison.